Our goal is to provide a comprehensive selection of laboratory equipment through our manufacturers, with all of our products representing the best in technology and value. In addition to delivering high quality products, Applied Instruments is dedicated to providing memorable service and supporting you and your facility in the long term. If it's time to upgrade old equipment, to make your facility more energy efficient, or just to hear about the latest technology in research equipment, please do give us a call and let us show you our commitment to customer service.


The expertise of our sales staff is unmatched in the Southwest, with half a century of combined industry experience in life science
and clinical environments. Our knowledgeable people give you peace of mind when setting out to equip your facility.

  • Kathy Kelley - President, Equipment Consultant
  • Tim Dickinson - Sales Manager, Equipment Consultant
  • Ryan Breska - Equipment Consultant
  • Marcy Westland - Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Direct Sales, Customer Service
  • Michael Matthews - Equipment Consultant
  • Frank Feder - Equipment Consultant


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