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Make Your Lab Or Production Facility 
More Efficient With Beta Star 

Beta Star specializes solely in steam sterilizers and related equipment for labs, industrial and pharmaceutical production facilities. We’ve developed our expertise from the ground up by servicing and repairing the equipment of other manufacturers. 

As a result, Beta Star products incorporate only the smartest and most functional features. This means any Beta Star product you choose will be more technologically advanced to perform better, last longer and cost less than any other sterilizer product on the market.

Our exclusive EnviroVac® high vacuum system has performance features which far exceed the competition, not to mention a design that saves money and conserves water.


Beta Star’s full line of steam sterilizers are available in a wide variety of sizes and are fully customizable to meet your sterilization needs and building specifications. Our sterilizer's typical applications include:



•  Small capacity lab sterilizers
•  cGMP pharmaceutical sterilizers
•  Bulk and vivarium sterilizers
•  BSL3 effluent sterilization systems

In addition to our sterilizers, we provide steam generators to supply plant or clean steam in electric or steam-to-steam designs. 

Competitive prices, the highest quality, and the fastest delivery in the industry make Beta Star Life Science Equipment the preferred choice for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, research and educational facilities.

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