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The CLAD Industries Stainless Steel Modular Wall system compliments the installation of various vivarium wash and sterilization equipment. This can be to either close out a service area behind a single sided piece of equipment or to create a physical barrier between pass-through equipment such as a bulk autoclave, cage & rack washer or tunnel washer. The modular wall can be customized with various options such as louvered vents, service doors, windows, ceiling panels, drip panels for bulkheads, etc.


From initial contact to project completion out team works in tandem with architects and the equipment manufacturer’ engineers. We will work to design fabricate and install our stainless steel modular walls around numerous types of equipment in many different configurations. CLAD Industries will work with you to customize our modular wall system for your vivarium.


CLAD also manufactures custom stainless steel racks, tables, carts, etc. Please contact us at (949) 661-9900 to discuss your CLAD needs


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