Alarm and monitoring
alarm and monitoring
alarm and monitoring

Hampshire Controls Corp. has been in business over 40 years and is a leading manufacturer of digital alarms, monitors, and data loggers for condition-sensitive applications wherever temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage and/or flow must be maintained, verified and documented. Our systems are widely used by hospitals, medical labs, bio pharma and commercial food storage companies (typically within refrigerators, freezers and walk-in coolers). Product applications include:

1. Medical blood, blood plasma and vaccine cold-chain storage.
2. Medical lab temperature verification (to CAP and other standards).
3. Bio Pharma and laboratory materials storage.
4. Food storage and transportation.
5. Environmental monitoring of server rooms (data centers) and large buildings.

Product features and options include single or multiple sensors, varied sensor types, varied sensing ranges, hi-low condition variance, wireless Wi-Fi operation, battery back-up operation, auto-dial alarm notification (via email, SMS, and/or phone) and audible/visual alarm indication. Best of all they're very simple to program and multiple units can be integrated into your own network.

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