Anaesthesia products
anaesthesia products
anaesthesia products

E-Z Anesthesia® offers more choices and increased flexibility for better solutions. Our anesthesia systems are easy to set up and operate. Up to four breathing devices can be used simultaneously with the EZ-AF9000 Auto Flow System and the EZ-7000 Classic System for multi-animal treatments. Our systems provide a maintainable level plane of anesthesia for several hours. E-Z Anesthesia systems offer reliable safety for both personnel and animals.

Three Systems are Available:

  • EZ-AF9000 Auto Flow System features precise, consistent preset flow rates to the induction chamber and up to four breather devices.
  • EZ-7000 Classic System incorporates a manual four output manifold that includes a new flowmeter configuration that improves upon the original E-Z Anesthesia design.
  • EZ-SA800 Single Animal System offers an economical choice when a simple entry-level system is sufficient.

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