Automatic Watering Systems
Automatic Watering Systems
Automatic Watering Systems

Our goal is to provide you with an advanced network solution design that takes advantage of your facility layout. We design the distribution system into blocks of 4-5 rooms each. This insures that water is circulated back to the UV unit in sufficient time to insure effective sterilization.

There is no electrical requirements outside of the ReCIRC room location or pressure reducting stations.

We pride ouselves in manufacturing quality components. Our systems are designed to provide a FAST TRACK installaion by our company technicians to insure our quality control and reliable performance. We are the only animal watering manufactuer that installs their own systems.

The ReCirc™ central unit consists of RO filtrationcirculating pump and UV unit.

From that point the system is wireless, there are NO solenoid valves or pressure reducing stations. There is NO need to flush valuable RO processed water down the drain several times per day!

With a continuous water circulationnetwork 24/7, throughout your facility and racks, the system maintains constant pressure, insuring proper drinking valve operation and eliminating air-locks in the system

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