Environmental chambers
environmental chambers
environmental chambers

Environmental Stability Rooms and Chambers

We are recognized worldwide as a manufacturer and supplier of precision Environmental Walk-in rooms and Reach-in chambers, meeting the requirements of ICH, FDA, MILSPEC and TAPPI standards for Environmental Stability Testing.

New Products and Enhancements




Modular Walk-in Environmental Rooms

Test your products' stability in a wide range of environmental conditions with our standard and custom designed environmental rooms - a most reliable and cost effective way to test your product.

Our Environmental Rooms can accurately reproduce the wide range of atmospheric conditions that may be encountered by products during their life cycle, from manufacturing through storage to consumption. ICH stability testing, Single setpoint testing, Photostability testing, and Humidity testing.

Using latest state of the art design and manufacturing criteria, we are able to offer solutions to a wide variety of needs. Modular construction allows maximum flexibility, and a PLC control system with PID capability ensures the performance and accuracy of the structures.

Being ever conscious of the need to protect the external environment, our conditioning systems incorporate high efficiency features to reduce its impact, such as plenum configurations to optimize the usage of the conditioned air in the chamber



Reach-in Environmental Chambers

We offer a range of Standard Reach-in Chambers for ICH stability testing, Single setpoint testing, Photostability testing, and Humidity testing. These are available as floor standing or tabletop models to suit your facility's exacting requirements. In addition we have a range of Specialty Reach-in Chambers for Industry specific needs - see our many applications by industry.


Reach-in Environmental Chamber Rentals

Ask about our 10cu ft and 33 cu ft Chambers available for Rent for Stability Testing only - No Biologicals.

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