Make no compromises with your incubator

Cultivo® is a CO2 incubator designed to prevent contamination and condensation while giving you full control over three variables critical to cell growth - temperature, CO2 concentration and relative humidity.

Improve research validity and reliability

With full, finely-tuned control over interior conditions, you can create more lifelike conditions for your cultures to thrive, and improve the validity of your results. Accurate, precise and stable environmental conditions make your results more reliable.

Explore more questions

Find out how cells respond in challenging conditions. Work with sensitive cell lines. With Cultivo, you can provide the unique conditions required to explore more research questions than ever before.

Protect precious cultures

Whether growing a few plates of microorganisms for a small laboratory or managing a large-scale tissue culturing operation, your success hinges on how well your incubator prevents contamination. Cultivo draws on Baker’s deep knowledge of air containment and contamination control technologies to provide unparalleled protection of your work.

Be more productive

User-driven features help increase throughput by solving common problems and eliminating tedious water pan changes (Ultra and Ultra Plus models). With one of the largest usable workspaces among incubators of the same type and size, productivity is improved.

Maximize lean budgets

Economical and user-defined configurations with plenty of options and accessories that allow you to determine the level of control and protection your research requires.

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