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Room Construction

Stability Environments Rooms are constructed using modular panels, which makes it easy to design and build rooms of different sizes and shapes. This flexibility allows for more efficient construction on site and saves time in project development.


  • 4" thick foamed-in-place urethane.
  • Choice of external finishes.
  • Antimicrobial coatings available.
  • Choice of door positioning and opening.
  • Choice of compressor positioning.
  • Choice of wall or ceiling plenum conditioning systems.
  • Wide range of accessories available.


Modular Construction Ensures High Performance and Flexibility:

Panels are made from 4” foamed in place urethane, with a choice of external finishes, including aluminum or steel, plain or embossed, white or unpainted versions. Coatings, such as antimicrobials are also available. External finishes depend much on the style of the room. If it is a stand-alone structure, then the whole of the outside surface can be seen, and so tends to have an attractive finish. However, if the room is recessed, only the front wall will be visible, and sometimes only the front door will show! These rooms tend to have exposed surfaces in a good finish, and hidden surfaces are left untreated.

The Panels are cam-locked into position to ensure a positive seal is achieved. Each panel has a trough on one side edge and a ridge on the other so that when two panels are locked together the seal is good for the entire length of the panel. There is also a sealing gasket in the trough necessary to maintain set conditions.

A choice of 2” and 4” thick floors is available, and these can incorporate internal and external ramps if required. Floorless models are also available. Occasionally, it is necessary to make the room a stand alone outside structure. This is the case for field test rooms, marine biology research facilities and Institutes where they have simply run out of indoor sites for a controlled environmental room and the only alternative is outside.

Once again, Stability Environments has contracted and built a range of these rooms, and has a great deal of experience in managing these projects.

The most important feature in maintaining a uniform controlled environment is the airflow. Stability Environments achieve this us through vertical wall or ceiling mounted conditioning systems.Plenums are also used which may be ceiling mounted or wall mounted, and provide superior uniformity throughout the room.

Where space is at a premium, it is possible to mount the control panel remotely. This allows the user to set, read and record the room's performance from their most convenient location.

Also, where the material being stored or tested inside the Environmental Room is very sensitive to changes in conditions, Stability Environments offer a range of redundancy packages to ensure against interruptions in mains services, such as the electrical or water supplies, and component failures in the control systems.

These packages range from duplicate mechanical systems thru to complete control backup systems.


A Full Turnkey Installation Service is available for all room projects.

Compressor Options:

Stability Environments offers a choice of air cooled or water cooled compressors in the refrigeration system. Also Hermetic and Semi-Hermetic models are offered.

Compressors may be mounted in a variety of locations, all of which are available to Stability Environments customers. The most common location is on the roof of the room, or adjacent to the room if floor space is available. This location is preferable from an installation perspective because there is no requirement for long refrigerant pipe runs between the compressor and the condensing unit inside the room.

However, if space is not available, the compressors can be installed in adjacent rooms or corridors, on different floors, such as in a contractor's mezzanine, which is a mechanical room immediately below the building's roof, or indeed out on the roof itself. They have also been placed outside laboratories on patios.

Whenever the compressor is located outside, it has to be weatherproofed. Stability Environments achieves this by mounting the compressor in a weatherpr

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